14 October 2018

The Italian Job & The Juke Joint Allstars

This is a fun episode where there are 2 solid acts. First up, our friend Massimo Bevilacqua has teamed up with Gloria Turrini to put together The Italian Job. They are currently on tour in the U.S. for several weeks and added a stop to the Radio Memphis studios for an appearance. They are a lot of fun.

Also, who would of thought The Juke Joint Allstars would be a band with 100 members? You'll hear that story and more plus a performance from this legendary act right here.

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NEXT WEEK: Minister Shakura Yahweh (Sweet Willie Wine)

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07 October 2018

Scott Bomar & Howard Grimes

I swear, everytime I sit down with Howard Grimes, I learn something new about him. This time, he told me about how he played drums on Carla Thomas' Gee Whiz record. Also, he brought along Scott Bomar of the Bo-Keys.

You'll also hear some of the music they collaborated on over the years including one of the tracks from Cyndi Lauper she did with B.B. King.

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NEXT WEEK: The Italian Job & The Juke Joint Allstars

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30 September 2018

Tom Graves on Robert Johnson

Celebrated author Tom Graves came to the studio recently. Jeff & I had a great conversation about the legendary Robert Johnson. Tom wrote THE book about the blues legend. We learned about some of the myths and stories surrounding Johnson and found a lot of truths about him

You'll also hear why the Radio Memphis show Booze & Blues is called that. It was celebration of the life of Robert Johnson, for sure.

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NEXT WEEK: Scott Bomar and Howard Grimes

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23 September 2018

Brenda Taylor Makes The Trip

The daughter of Eddie Taylor, Brenda, drove to Memphis from Chicago just to be on the Booze & Blues show at Radio Memphis. We could not have been more honored. Her childhood was fascinating considering she grew up with one of the greatest bluesmen of the day.

She tells her story and sings with the Radio Memphis Studio Orchestra. Plus, you'll get to sample some of her family's music in this fantastic episode.

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The Radio Memphis Studio Orchestra was Willie Hall (drums), Judge Booker (bass) and Brad Webb (guitars).

NEXT WEEK: Tom Graves sorts out Robert Johnson

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16 September 2018

Keith Douglas & Duwayne Burnside

It's a first for this show. Two guests in one action packed episode. First up is Keith Douglas, guitarist for Tora Tora. Keith talks about the history of this great rock band plus he shares the news about the brand new album headed your way very soon.

Next up, Duwayne Burnside sits down with Jeff & I to talk about his new CD plus many other things including the definition of "Burnside Style". And if that wasn't enough, Duwayne and his band played a few tunes in this wild episode From Radioland.

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NEXT WEEK: Brenda Taylor, the daughter of Eddie Taylor.

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