16 December 2018

Danuel Gales, Eric Gales, Singa B & Robert Allen Parker

This was a fun night. Danuel Gales was celebrating his birthday and chose Radio Memphis to do the celebrating. Which was a good thing because his brother, Eric Gales called in and we had a chat with him about an upcoming show here in Memphis. We also learned he likes apple pie. It's pretty funny how that came about.

Later, Robert Allen Parker sat down and talked about his latest record and the project he is working on now. Plus, you'll hear some cuts off the new CD.

NEXT WEEK: Tlaxica & Pope - minus Pope.

Stay tuned...

09 December 2018

Brother Boulevard & Individual 1

I think it is only a matter of time before someone names their band Individual 1. That is, if it hasn't happened already. Nevertheless, I do talk a little about the latest revelations regarding said Individual 1.

Also, a great time with another brand new act, Brother Boulevard. You'll hear a conversation with Kyle Roberts and Gabriel Brown about their new act and you'll hear some songs from them.

NEXT WEEK: Danuel Gales, Eric Gales & Robert Allen Parker

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02 December 2018

Carla Thomas, Willie Hall & Vanese Thomas - Dropping Bombs

The musical influence of the Thomas family in Memphis is enormous. Rufus Thomas was a true showman. His children learned that craft from the best. Carla Thomas scored 2 major hits in the 1960s with Gee Whiz and B-A-B-Y (the latter showing up recently on the Baby Driver soundtrack) along the way, the time spent at STAX was important for Carla.

Also, our great friend Willie Hall joined the conversation to talk about his days with STAX and Isaac Hayes and Booker T. & The MGs. And then Carla's sister, Vanese got on the air and dropped a bomb.

NEXT WEEK: Kyle & Gabe are Brother Boulevard

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25 November 2018

John D'Amato & The Delta Project

This is the 250th episode From Radioland. A milestone, perhaps. In essence, 250 consecutive weeks of this show have happened with only a couple missing their Sunday deadlines due to some technical issue. Not a bad run, so far.

After nearly 5 years of this show (and me not paying attention to the current episode number), we have come to a fitting show for this monument.

We have known John for a long time and he has been with us since the beginning. He called in from a recording session where he is working up his latest collection of songs. You'll get an update. After that, there is a great time with another friend of Radio Memphis. The Delta Project. Lot's of laughs and lots of music in this episode. Plus, tales from the road.

Note: Here's to another 250 (or so) episodes From Radioland. My personal thanks to Mark Caldwell who makes these things happen for us and to all the other people who have helped get this show where it is right this moment.

NEXT WEEK: Carla Thomas, Willie Hall & Vanese Thomas - Dropping Bombs

Stay tuned...

18 November 2018

Mark Anthony Lee & Willie Covington

I love talking to the veteran musicians out there. The ones who came up through the 60's and 70's and lived to tell about those days. These two guys are great. We talked about everything from working in the movie business to singing with The Platters and everything in between.

A fantastic conversation with Mark Anthony Lee and Willie Covington.

Also, I have a fairly strict "no nazi" policy and some of you out there seem to have taken issue with that.

NEXT WEEK: John D'Amato and The Delta Project