22 April 2018

The Software Blues And Watermelon Slim

This was a great show. Of course, I'm talking about this current episode. An evening with Watermelon Slim. Also, I do a bit of explaining regarding some of the strange noises (or lack thereof) coming from Radio Memphis here of late.

As the title of this episode indicates, we've had a touch of the blues we are still trying to sort out.

Soon baby, soon.

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NEXT WEEK: Liz Mandeville

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15 April 2018

An Evening with Howard Grimes

This episode is a little over 2 hours. Frankly, it is pretty much at the upper limit I think most shows like this should be. Having said that, the conversation at hand here is one of the more remarkable conversations I had been involved with.

Dianna Fryer joined the conversation and she was able to get Howard to tell some really beautiful stories. You are also going to hear a bunch fantastic stories about creating "that Memphis sound". Some very funny moments and some truly touching times are all reflected here in this episode.

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My thanks to Mark Caldwell from The Memphis Blues Society for making this moment happen.

NEXT WEEK: Watermelon Slim

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08 April 2018

A Numbers Game and Something Better & Sara Williams

Facebook seems to have messed up pretty big. Sharing your data with others may be in their terms of service, but it seems the social media company got a little aggressive with who they shared your stuff with. Nevertheless, someone's hand is going to get slapped over this while there is massive exodus from Facebook.

Also on this show, Josh and Stacy from Something Better and songwriter Sara Williams.

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NEXT WEEK: Howard Grimes

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01 April 2018

No Foolin' & The Memphis Snake Doctors

No, there is no April Fool's joke here. Personally, I think the whole idea of pranks to be kind of cruel and a waste of everyone's time. Practical jokes tend to bring out the worst in people. With that in mind, notice how the major news outlets have refrained from the annual wacky news piece? You know why that is, don't you?

Also, an evening with The Memphis Snake Doctors.

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NEXT WEEK: Something Different. No, really.

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25 March 2018

It Is Radio, Damnit & The Daddy Mack Blues Band

I suppose you could call it a pet peeve. The Lord knows we all have them. I may have more than others, at least it would appear as such. However, I'm a little over calling this a podcast. It's a sad term. About as sad as internet radio.

It's radio, damnit.

Plus, Jeff and I sat down with The Daddy Mack Blues band for a great time. Lots of laughs, a great conversation and some fantastic tunes.

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NEXT WEEK: Under the spell of The Memphis Snake Doctors.

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