17 June 2018

Suffer The Children

It's in the news and a good number of God fearing Americans are turning a blind eye to this horrendous act going on right now. The separation of families, specifically children from their parents under the guise of stopping illegal immigration. Guess what? It's really isn't a matter of having political differences anymore. It is now have a difference of opinion on a moral level.

Something else, if you want to try and defend this despicable act, you can't unless you are just as despicable of a human being as those who put this policy into play.

On a much lighter note, Mark Wiklund came to the studio talk songwriting and to perform a few songs.

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10 June 2018

Massimo Bevilacqua Is A Machine

One of the great American imports is our friend Massimo Bevilacqua. He stopped into our studios recently with his brand new CD entitled Naked. It was a great time learning about the music scene in his native Italy and how he fears for the upcoming generations. You'll also hear why he called "The Machine".

Plus, is it me or does the world seem a little extra depressing? Guess what, there is some help.

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03 June 2018

A Conversation With Robert Allen Parker

Robert is a sort of a rare breed of entertainer. He was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He is steeped in the music culture from here and has devoted his life to the very thing he has studied all of his years.

This is a fantastic conversation with someone who is not only happy about his art, he is proud of being able to live his life as a Memphis musician. And what a life it has been so far.

Plus, you may have invited a spy in your house.

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27 May 2018

The Delta Project and Uncomfortable Statements

Like everyone, I have opinions about certain things. What is interesting about that is the simple fact I enjoy the reactions of people when I make certain statements which are not always agreeable to a lot of people. Not that such statements are horribly rude. For example, I have never had any interest in The Walking Dead and I have yet to see one episode of Game of Thrones.

To me, what is funny is the reactions of those who hear such things and the always amusing reaction I get. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Plus a great conversation with some ling time friends of Radio Memphis, The Delta Project.

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20 May 2018

How To Lose an Election with Kieran Hilbert & Friends

I know the title sounds suspect. The two subjects are not related. But something happened to me this morning which caught me a little off guard and gave rise to the 2 ways you can lose my vote if you were to run for some sort of political office.

Also, Kieran Hilbert & Friends are from Germany. They came to Memphis to play. They also came to Radio Memphis to talk and play. It was a big time when Dianna joined me in the studio for this international incident.

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