14 January 2018

The Show That Didn't Air

New Year's Eve was an interesting night for those of us down in the studio that night. We had set up for our usual end of the year party. We had a few friends in the studio, we brought in our long time friend, Zeke Johnson to play and tell stories. Overall, just another subdued celebration.

Not so much.

Comcast had an issue. We were knocked off the air. It would be after 1:00AM local time before we would be back on. Or, so we were told.

Dianna Fryer and I decided to say, "Whatever." and recorded what would have been broadcast.

Here it is. The New Year's Eve Show That Never Aired featuring Zeke Johnson.

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NEXT WEEK: Goodson & Taylor

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07 January 2018

Getting Bent with Liz Kinnmark

Memphis is known as a music town. That is a large part of the arts here in this city. There is also a whole sect of entertainers here that are straight up performance artists. Liz Kinnmark is one of those types of entertainers.

She's a pole dancer.

"Oooh." You might say.


She is clothed.

At least during this interview, she was.

Plus music from Low Life Leakers.

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NEXT WEEK: The New Year's Eve show you didn't hear.

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31 December 2017

Eddie Dattel & Wally Ford Talk Songwriting

Songwriting is the art few people will talk about. Who knows why? But, not in this case. I got to sit down with these two guys as they talk about Eddie's new record called Another Side of the Sun. They play a bit from that collection and there are couple of songs played from the disc itself in this episode.

Plus, wrapping up 2017. Whatever that means.

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NEXT WEEK: Getting bent with Liz Kinnmark and music from Low Life Leakers.

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24 December 2017

The Annual Christmas War and John Nemeth

For me at least, the best part of Christmas is it being over. Can't say I am a big fan of this holiday. It tends to bring out the absolute worst in people and it has lost all of what the holiday was about. I just hunker down and wait for all of this to blow over. But enough of all that.

In this episode, Jeff and I sat down with John Nemeth and talked about his current collection of songs from the Feeling Freaky CD. We had a great time in the studio with lots of laughs and a great performance with his band.

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NEXT WEEK: The end of the year with Eddie Dattel & Wally Ford.

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17 December 2017

Plato, The Romans and Josh McLean

Government control is a broad subject. It is all over the news. Being a student of history, I can't help but draw certain parallels from the past to the present. Seems heavy, but it really isn't especially when you start talking about Net Neutrality and CBD oil.

Plus, long time friend of Radio Memphis Josh McLean joins the show for a whirlwind discussion of all sorts of topics. If that wasn't enough, a performance from his band Heels also happens here with a couple of tunes that was recorded in Studio C at Pirate Radio Studios.

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NEXT WEEK: Christmas From Radioland with John Nemeth.

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